Friday, April 01, 2005

We know what we do is wrong

St. Ho's! St. Ho's! St. Joe's got their hearts ripped out last night in typical Philly fashion. Pat Carrol is from Philadelphia, why would he have his shooting touch for the finals of the Not in Tournament "Tournament"? I bet he went into that game knowing that he wasn't going to shoot well. He drinks the water here...he eats the food...he breathes our "almost there" air. And just when we think we are going to be Smarty Jonesed he hits a beautiful off-balance three with 7 seconds remaing to tie the game up. South Carolina stayed under control and didn't call the timeout after Carrol's shot. I thought this was a great call (no timeout) because St. Joe's was so jacked from hitting the shot that it seemed the Hawks didn't realize there was plenty of time left for the Game Cocks to ruin their "Magical" NIT run. South Carolina then brings the ball up and Tarence Kinsey, who is used primarly for defense, pulls up and aces the three over Chet Stachitas leaving .9 seconds on the clock. Game over. St. Joe's had no timeouts left and the inbounds pass was thrown into the Schuykill River. We love this stuff. Does Philly have a reputation for being a depressed city? I am serious. I know there is a stat out their with info regarding the mental states of the people living in major American cities. Thank God for Howard Eskin.

Did you see Webber fall down in that Suns game when he knocked knees with someone down low? What a PUSSY. He just fell like a wet noodle out of bounds while Iverson walked down the court mumbling, "WHAT A PUSSY." If we make the playoffs I am happy because I will get to see the Heat play a couple of games.

Just thought I would throw in some Stallone Posters. Great Taglines.

I'm out like the Pope.


John Spartan said...

Great Cobra Poster! ! Amazing

jackbrizzity said...

crime is a disease are the truest words I have ever heard, I'm sick as a dogg. Give C Dubs a break, you know he's my boy. I have his Michagan jersey for christ sakes. And it is true, we may never win ever, but at least we have wooder ice