Friday, April 15, 2005

Smoke and Guns

Well there isn't much room for me to complain about last nights thrilling OT victory by the Sixers. Of course I can complain about Webbooooooer, and his inability to run. I take that back. Chris can't even lightly jog down the court let alone sprint back to add some more defensive pressure. He did hit that jumper to tie the game up at 102 apiece at a critical point in the fourth quarter. You could just see the relief on his face after he sank that thing too. Webber was being pelted with Boo's all night, and there is no way he is blocking it all out. The strongest earplugs in the world couldn't muffle the sound of a true Negadelphian's piercing boo, that is laced with the smell of a 7 dollar Bud Light. His final numbers were 7-16 from the field with 15 points and 10 boards. Solid game...I know this, BUT he is dragging that leg. He might be at 75% right now, and I am being nice with that figure. Let the icing continue to pile on the Webber poop cake.
Doug Collins mentioned that Igoudala could be an All-Star someday, and constantly compared him to Scottie Pippen, whom Collins coached when he was a rookie in Chicago. This is promising considering that Pippen is in the top 50, and was overshadowed by the biggest athlete in the history of hoops. I am overly impressed with this kid. He looks like Scottie out there. Remember how athletic and under control Pippen would look when he was sailing down the hardwood? I am seeing the same things out of Iggy...and their rookie year numbers are almost identical. How can you not appreciate a stat stuffer? The kid had 19 points and 10 boards last night. He is a shooting guard who hardly shoots...very impressive.
DWAYNE WADE! Are you serious? This kid is a flat out superstar, and every article you read mentions what a character guy he is. His performance in the NCAA tourney was outstanding, and he didn't miss a beat when he entered the NBA. He has a little Clyde Drexler in him combined with willingness to sacrifice his body and the smoothness of Kobe. He is one of the leaders of this new NBA revolution. Look at the draft from his class . If Darko ever takes the bleach out of his hair it will be one of the best draft classes ever. By the way that's why he sucks...bleaching your hair is a tremendous no-no. It's just a horrible look, and Eminen isn't an exception. He was much cooler with dark hair in 8 Mile as B-rabbit, friend of Chedda Bob. Dudes who like cars with flame decals bleach their hair.

This made my whole month:

I'm out like the Beluga Whale in the Delaware


Murray said...

Keep in mind big Kev, Pippen's jump from rookie to soph was statistically tremendous, I'm still wait and see with Andre. To be honest, I think he has a bigger upside than Scottie, if only that he is more mature than Scottie was (remember refusing to come off the bench), and is probably more athletic, which is saying something. As for C-Webb, for all the bashing he got a nice ovation after he fouled out, I think that the fans will be happy if he can do what he did last night, 15 and 10. I don't think people expect those superstar #'s anymore, but single diget scoring is going to get him booed in ANY city. As for interesting statistics, in the Boston game, despite his terrible game, the Sixers were +13 when Webber was on the floor, and -13 when he was off it. Huh? For a guy who looks like shit out there, that's a pretty positive impact on the team, right? Go figure.

ERL said...

that whale is freaky yo.

KC said...

Wow...someone other that my immediate family and friends that I currently pay (to be my friends) are reading this...thank you

ERL said...

it the philly connection