Saturday, April 16, 2005

i'll snatch the dishes out yo kitchen

I had to be in work at midnight tonight so I slept through the whole Sixers game, but I couldn't be more pleased with the win. Marc Jackson didn't play much so you weren't able tally his touches/shots stat.
The woman that I work with on this delightful graveyard shift is a complete moron, who has a disorder that doctors have yet to discover. She has a little tourettes, a pinch of paranoia, a hint of depression and there is no filter in ther brain. Her brain never says, "Hey maybe you shouldn't say that out loud." I have never met someone so brash. She can offend you just by looking at you, and makes anti-semitic comments with Jewish co-workers in earshot. Actual quote: "Anne (a co-worker) has her profile on (Jewish dating website) typical of a jew...never venturing outside their religion when it comes to relationships." That's what I mean about not having a filter on her brain. We were talking outside the office once, and she accidentaly farted mid-sentence. She paused for a second...looked at me, and just kept talking. I must say she was pretty good post fart. She kept rolling with the convo after she released. It made the situation less akward. That's the only thing that she has done that warrants any sort of credibility.

Check out this Rushmore poster, which I believe is from France. Doesn't quite capture Wes Anderson's typical boldly colored, straight out of a boarding school from new england style. I always thought it was interesting how the international posters differed from the American ones. I guess it all has to do with marketing, but does the culture that Anderson presents so well in his films not translate across the pond? His films always seem to have a character(s) that strive(s) to be something else. Everyone seems to have lost all sense of family. The three social misfits in Bottle Rocket are totally lost in their own neighborhoods. The main character, Anthony(Luke Wilson) finds himself with the help of a latino hotel worker. Max Fisher is the son of the barber who sits next to the son of the brain surgeon at Rushmore Academy. He is out of place and gravitates toward a British kindergarten teacher, and eventually falls for an asian girl from the local public school.
Is Anderson saying something about American people here? Now I don't think that Anderson is one of these celebrities who bashes the US, but his films have a foreign influence. The wealthy students at Rushmore represent the elitist attitude that Americans are labeled with. In Bottle Rocket Bob's brother, Futureman (maybe the best movie name ever) is the country club prick that we all know who snarls at those who don't wear collared shirts. Does this all represent his feelings of an America that has lost it's sense of family? (I have yet to see Life Aquatic so I can't comment on it)
The main characters in Bottle Rocket and Rushmore found a home with women who were from a world far from their own. In Royal Tennenbaums we have a family that faded out of the blue and into the black in a ferocious manner. This "Family of Geniuses" became a family of lost souls. The demise of the Tennebaum family was something that the media thrived on. We watched Richie crumble on the Tennis court. Royal was a famous lawyer who did jail time for letting that bit of larceny in his soul take over. Margot is an estranged playwright. Eli totally lost hit mind on a talk show. The mother who had lauded her family for so long ends up looking like a fool. Failure is something that we all can't evade, and seeing those who were once above you fail is satisfying to many. This publice demise of the Tennenbaum family is another example of the breakdown of the American family. The Tennenbaums being the Jones'...the perfect family we all envied, but eventually reveled in their fall from grace. Just look at the Kennedy family So once again Anderson is not anti-american. He too wonders what has happened to all of us. He just has the amazing ability to present our faults in such a gorgeous and hilarious format.


Doesn't this poster seem a bit racist?

That is Denzel in his first movie by the way.

I got to see this...great tagline:

The Gay Indy?

He never dissapoints:

I'm out like King's Ransom


ERL said...

i LOVE wes anderson movies. LOVE LOVE LOVE!!! and that was a really interesting and unusual perspective on them...or at least I've never heard that before.

Murray said...

As much as i love wes anderson, i had heard bad things about "Life Aquatic", so it's a good thing i don't listen to what i hear. Big Kev, once again you've outdone yourself with the posters, nicely done. Also, I hate to say it, but those Sixers look pretty good, winning two TOUGH games that i feel we haven't done since the 2001 season, now if those Phils can follow suit, we would have three winning sports franchises since the year i was born, 1980 playa. See in the Yunk.

jackbrizzity said...

I know its a little late, but Mr. T singing is what gets me up in the morning. Seriously it is programed to my alarm clock. And I liked The Life Aquatic, so give it a shot. Its classic Wes and Bill Murray can make any movie worth watching. As for the 76ers, I'm with them till the end, I bleed red and shit black.
p.s. Hi erl

ERL said...