Thursday, April 28, 2005

Put your ray gun to my head

Back to the pencil thin...

Looks like the skinniest moustache in reality television history has a bit of a checkered past. Scott Savol, who is headed for a spot on The Surreal Life 17, used the phone to hit his girlfriend when she refused to dial up the local pizza joint for a delivery. Look at this pinchable little face: . I claimed yesterday that this cat is going to win American Idol, and apparently no one agrees with me. recently posted an article questioning why this portly crooner has yet to be voted off. Here are some of the genius answers:

"My guess is that people feel bad for him," said Jillian Kuras, who covers "Idol" for the Web site Reality TV Calendar. "I've gotten literally dozens of e-mails from voters who say that Scott deserves a second chance and that since he apologized for his past he should be given that chance. Surprisingly, people seem to think that physically abusing a woman is not a big deal."'s no big deal.

"I think Scott represents a lot of Generation Y," added Sting7, Reality News Online's resident "Idol" expert. "The kids who are told they won't amount to anything by their parents, the guys who are too fat to date the cheerleaders, not cute enough to be popular in their circles. Simon himself said 'Idol' was created with Scotts in mind, because on his own, Scott would never get a record deal. Scott is kind of an everyman who found himself with a golden opportunity, and there are those out there who are supporting his unlikely dream."

I am pretty sure Steven Hawking has a time machine stashed away somewhere, and I am going to contact him so I don't have to be considered part of Generation Y. Sooooo Generation Y is filled with fat kids who are hated by all cheerleaders? Overweight Generation X kids had a better chance at dating cheerleaders..right? Fat kids in 1937 didn't date cheerleaders! Portly, skinny stached/neck -bearded kids haven't had a chance to make out since pom-pom's were invented. Everyone has had a character like Scott Savol encounter them at some point in time. In my elementary, high school, and college years there was always an overweight white kid who dressed like Fat Joe straight chilling. This "everyman" can be see in just about any social setting and it's about time they rise out of the ashes. All of us has seen a Scotty on the subway or on a school's campus...give it up for: "that ghetto white dude."

I will try to stop writing about this clown, but he is an absolute phenomenon.


He got so big people only referred to him as BRONSON! (Read the taglines):

They decided to leave out the black guy:

He was also in Leonard Part 6:

Have the DVD:

I'm out like the quintuplets


KC said...

wow..i can hear the crickets

John Spartan said...

In 1984 people had to answer to Bronson. Now they answer to Savol

ERL said...

ick. ick ick ick. THAT guy is the one you've been talking about?! are you kidding me. i hope to god that he doesn't "represent" generation Y, or we're all in big big trouble. [ha]

KC said...

He represents the fact that anyone...anyone...can be famous.