Tuesday, April 12, 2005

listen to bloc party

I often frequent the website IMDB.com (Internet Movie Database) and I highly reccomend it to anyone who has ever SEEN a movie. It works so well becuause your film knowledge grows with each click of a URL. Don't even know if that is the right term, but they are way too many made up internet words. Just like numbers and the concept of time.
This is site where I find movie posters that are amusing. He is an example: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0106613/posters . One of the most engaging things on this site is the message boards. I use them to find out certain songs that were in movies and their trailers, which can be quite useful. I find out more about new bands that intrgue me through film rather than other forms of media. Postal Service is an interesting band that I discovered through the MIGHTY IMDB. They sound like sad kids singing over the soundtrack to old final fantasy games for Nintendo.
So I gave in and signed up as a member so I could be a fanboy and post stuff on these message boards. One thing that unsettled me about these things is how people react to posts. Internet geek-boys (there is a made up internet word for you...so creative) are all over these things shitting on people and what they have to say about movies. People who have such a distored view of "high and low" art. I find Predator 2 to be a hyper stylized view of what people in 1990 saw South Central Los Angeles in the future. The film was made in 90, but taked place in 97. It portrays modern LA as a drug ridden warzone that is glamourized by the media...making it thrive even more. I think it says alot about what the filmakers thought of the media's coverage of crime in America and what modern America might look like, but they did it in the style of so many 90's action films. Unbelievable amounts of violence and blood. The always entertaining nude scenes. Usually with a woman riding some drug lord right before he is killed. These are how these films were made. It is an action film, and you have to appreciate the formula! I could go on forever, but I will get to my point...I swear.
Could I be totally wrong? OF COURSE! Does it even matter? NO. Why? Because we shouldn't be judged on what affect a film has on us. But theses message board assholes would have ripped me to pieces for my thoughts on Predator 2. Yes I know it is a sequel with Danny Glover!
So I decided to start posting false things about the Paul Thomas Anderson. The guy who directed Boogie Nights and Magnolia. Two films that might be in my top ten, but that is for another time. I made up a ludicrous rumor about his next film being about the OJ simpson chase.
Check it out...my name is Bobby Digital. My first post starts in the middle of the page. As my buddy Galvin would say..."these people are jerk stores."


This is tame compared to how some jerk stores react to what people have to say. I will continue to post.

SOme more Posters:



You can always count on stallone...especially when he makes a movie about an arm wrestling estranged father with a gay son who wears tight white pants. When he turns his hat around it is like a switch. This one is worth the 5.99 at the DVD baragain bin.

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jackbrizzity said...

K C,
I am really gregory-never-get-there. I am appauled that you would take advantage of this medium for your entertainment. The jerk store as you so kindly named it is my only source of refuge from my tyrant roomates who insist on watching sports and American Choppers 22 hours a day. But seriously, that is some funny ass shit. The fact that anyone would believe that PTA would make a movie on O.J. makes me want to get into a jerk store right now. I am going to find a trek site right now. One.

P.S. This is what the alphabet would llok like in a jerk store.