Wednesday, April 13, 2005

I slayed MC's back in the rec room era

101-98 Celtics with 32.3 remaining. Inbounds to Iverson...he penetrates and dishes to a Marc Jackson who is of course ready for a 20 foot jumper...he shoots...CLINKITY CLANK. The previous posession when the Sixers had the ball Jackson decides to take it himself and misses a layup. Iverson was just dumping it to him to get some movement, but of course Jackson is like Stallone in Over the Top. When he turns his trucker hat backwards it's like a switch. Stallone is in the zone when his arms are locked up with some meathead when he turns that cap. When Jackson touches the ball a switch goes off in his head as well...SHOOOOT MARC...MARC WITH A "C"....SHOOT. ONCE AGAIN PROVES MY THEORY. I am sure you are all sick of hearing this...or the 3 people who read this crap everyday (Thanks Mom Dad and Grandmom). It's just so frustrating.
Another good call by O'Brien was leaving Mckie on Pierce at the end of the game. Igoudala had 5 fouls! He didn't foul out! Put him in with a minute left and let him cover that sulking no shouldered bastard.
Webber might commit suicide by the end of the season. Do you see how sad he looks when he sits on that bench? He is constantly staring throughout the Wachovia Center hoping the Maloof brothers will pop up somewhere. He looks up in the nosebleeds for them holding a COME HOME CHRIS! sign in their money stained hands. He is hoping this is just a really long April Fool's joke, but it is just punishment. Just icing on the Webber poop cake. His sealed his fate with that timeout/technical and put the nail in his own coffin with that rap CD. There seems to be a cloud hovering over Webber's head at all times. He is likea real life Charlie Brown, and that damn football keeps getting yanked out from under him wherever he goes. Remember when he was on the Bullets with Rasheed and Ben Wallace? He was also part of RUN T.M.C, which was Tim Hardaway, Chris Mullin, and Chris. Two great threesomes, who didn't last long, but had such potential. Then he goes to the Kings who were cursed by Robert Horry and too many foreigners. Sorry Chris you just are one of those's the Cosmic Shame man.

remember this?

I'm out like Kevin Federline when Britney has that baby.


Murray said...

On a late comment about, greatest sight to win a bet. I can't count how many times i've been able to verify a now famous actor/actress who appeared in a B movie or sitcom in the 90's, it's clutch. Unlike the Sixers, you forget kev, Jim O'Brien's offense revolves around Marc Jackson, and not the three of the four other sixers who's offensive game well surpasses big Marc.

Closk said...

I came up with the screen name "DikembeWantSex" my Junior year and never in my life did I ever have more fun with anything in my life. It always generated a quicker response than "GminskiWantSex" or "ZumoffWantSex".