Tuesday, April 19, 2005

It's so cold in this house

Playoffs clinched. O'brien will be back next year. Give Igoudala the ROY. Give Rodney Rogers the South Beach Diet. Give Webber a walker. Give Willie Green a chance. Give John Salmons a Roanoke Dazzle jersey. Give Aaron McKie his gold watch. Give Dalembert a contract. Give Korver a role off the bench. Give Kevin Ollie his manhood. Give Josh Davis to Europe. Give Marc Jackson away. Give us all a 6th seed in the playoffs.
Imagine if the Sixers got the Celtics in the first round of the playoffs and O'brien gets a chance to reign supreme over the team that disgusted him? Obie just woke up one morning to the sound of two Bostonians with ridiculous accents arguing outisde his window, and decided it was time to leave. He wanted to come home. Jimmy didn't like Danny Ainge's vision, and in his usual surly way he touched the bottom of his nose with his lower lip, and sauntered out of the Fleet Center. He seems to wear the bitter beer face every once in a while, especially when surrounded by the media.
We have won 8 of 10 and if you call this surging...than we are doing it at the right time. Iverson has been jacking up everything, but his shooting percentage of late has been above average. His assists have increased throughout this mini-run, and Webber and he are starting to perfect that high pick and roll that puts a smile on both of their faces as they get back on D. The Bulls can beat the Pacers to get us closer to that 6th seed. Chicago has been playing well at home this year, but we need Andres Nocioni to leave his boxing gloves in the locker room. Of course Austin Croshere will go 15/20 from the field and grab 18 boards to spoil our hopes and dreams. We need to beat the Hotlana Squawks as well in our final regualr season game on Wednesday. But we all know that Boris Diaw-Riffiod will have 34 points and Royal Ivey will have about 17 dimes and 24 points deflate the sixers playoffs dreams.
I am just happy that their season is extended. Some might say that being a low seed in the playoffs doesn't mean much to the franchise. We don't have a first round pick this year and we have young talent that is going to thrive with some playoff experience. The negative air swirling around a low playoff spots needs to cease. Making the playoffs is good on a karma level that is hard to pinpoint. It's good for the city, players, coaches, and fans. Making the playoffs 6 out of the last 7 years is nothing to be crying about either. So sit back, take your attention away from the Phils for about 2 of their 359 games this season, and root for the boys.


I have been annoyingly promoting Bloc Party to anyone who makes eye contact with me and I decided to include some lyrics from one of their songs that I feel is beastly. It can work on so many levels. It can be seen it as a cry from one friend to another about the loss of innocence. What ever happend to the days when we didn't need to chemically alter ourselves to have a good time? It could be a cry from parents to their kids who don't need to be tucked into bed anymore. It's doesn't come across as some winer about their darkness that surrounds people. Like most of their songs, rays of hope burst through the cracks in the pavement. This is a song for all of us as a matter of fact. It is inviting us to come back to the surface and take a breath. Kele Okereke,the lead singer listened to The Police when he was growing up and so did Matt Tong, the drummer. These guys are going to save us all.



And you're tired of your Mum
And you're tired of your Dad
Got you jumping through hoops
Got you shaving your legs
Let it pass, let it pass, let it pass over you
And you're tired of your face
And you're tired of your nose
Got you jumping through hoops
Got you shaving your legs
Let it pass, let it pass, let it pass over you
And your nose is bleeding
You've been lying to me
There will be no hesitation
There will be no confrontation
There will be no indication
There will be no cause
There will be no exultation
There will be no justification
There will be no way at all
And your nose is bleeding
You've been lying to me
Come back to me the the way you were
The way you were when we were young
I'm trying to tell you everything
I'm trying to tell you everything
I can heal the blind
I can cure the sick
I can say the right things
I can say the right things
Where d'you get so cruel
Where do you go
Cos you're never here
And your nose is bleeding
You deserve it
You've been lying to me



original title:
wow i wonder if ET is the story of Jesus Christ:

Peace to the Gods.


ERL said...

wooo! bloc party rules!!

jackbrizzity said...

Go Sixers Baby, C Dubs is my Boy, no timeouts, no excuses. Be Bold Clench Fists