Thursday, March 24, 2005

Catch a swollen heart from not going smart

Well the Sixers won last night by 23 over Detroit! BUT...Larry Brown was out as well as Rip Hamilton so don't get your hopes up. Larry Brown was replaced by the corpse of Ossie Davis and Rip was replaced by Benecio Del Toro.
Webber as usual stood still and took jumpers, Igoudala is looking more and more like Scottie Pippen (he went 10,10,10) , and Iverson gunned like no other. A.I. went 15-26 with 39 points 10 assists and 8 turnovers. His turnovers have increased since the Webber trade and this makes me wonder. Does Allen not want his shining star to dimmed by the light of another All-Star? Does he feel that we are going to forget that he is one of the most exciting players of all time? No Allen we are not. We will never forget that hustle. We will never forget the 2001 finals when you stepped over Tyronn Lue. We will never forget the "PRACTICE" quote. When we are up by 17 just slow it down a little. Take some time of that clock so we can run to the press room and stare at O'brien as he simply stares back at us. We play Toronto on Fri, and if we win we will be .500. Let's just hope Donyell Marshall doesn't smoke 3 blunts instead of his usual 5 on game day because that is the reason he hit 34 threes last time we played.

Other Crap:

Whitney Houston has checked into drug rehab again. I can just see Bobby Brown all coked out running around their mansion with no shirt on and black baggy pants with suspenders. I bet he still wears one of those black hats with the metal on it too. The kind you would by off a street vendor nowadays.

Soccer Star's Mom Kidnapped
Tue Mar 22,11:10 AM ET

Oddly Enough - Reuters
SAO PAULO, Brazil from Sao Paulo.
Reuters Photo

Last month, the mother of Sao Paulo striker Grafite, whose legal name is Edinaldo Batista Libanio, was held for a day before police rescued her with no ransom paid.
The mother of Santos player Robinho was held 41 days before being released. Robinho, or Robson de Souza, did pay ransom in that case but it was not known how much.
Earlier this month, the mother of Luis Fabiano, who is nicknamed "The Fabulous" and plays for Portuguese team Porto, was kidnapped.

Remember the guy who scored on his own team during the world cup and was shot when he returned to his country? I thought putting batteries in snowballs and throwing them at Santa as he cruised through the Vet on a four wheeler was bad.

I used to loves this movie Ratboy when I was a kid and I found this ludicrous poster for the film. I believe this one is from Germany.

Did you know that Chyna made a sex tape? WHAAAAATTT. I also heard that they are releasing the Ernest Borgnine sex tape within the next couple of weeks.

I'm out like Mark Chumura at an after-prom party

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