Thursday, March 03, 2005

Wheelchair league?

After watching Chris Webber play his second game for the Sixers many questions come to mind. Can he jump anymore? Could he ever jump? Isn't he 6' why does he play farther out on the perimeter than Kyle Kutcher? He went 4-18 against the Nets last night and was greeted at the Wachovia Center with a sea of BOOOO's from the classiest fans in America. I can see Webber laying in his bed this morning clutching his sheets with those jeers echoing through his skull. He is also clutching those sheets wishing that Tyra Banks was rubbing that knee right now, which is held together by scotch tape. This guy is going to get eaten alive in Philly if he turns out to be a complete bust, and I don't think he has the mentality to handle it. Well he always has a rap career to fall back on.


KC said...

I meant his third game for the biscuit

KC said...

BEWARE, 76ERS fans. This could make you feel sick to your stomachs, or make you want to fire a GM, whichever comes first. It's proof of the insanity of hideous, guaranteed NBA contracts.

Ex-76er Matt Geiger is living extra large in Tampa, Fla., off the Sixers' 6-year, $51 million they agreed to pay him in 1998. This, as detailed by the St. Petersburg Times, is what the Sixers' millions have bought for Geiger:

"A new, $13.5 million, 28,500-square-foot mansion built for the oversized 7-footer, complete with 8-foot doorways; 40 TVs all hooked up to satellite; 18 TV sets wired with Xbox; a 330,000-gallon pool out back with a cooking area designed by -Outback; a winding water slide down a faux tropical island mountain; and a 5,200-square-foot guest house."

There's also a 9,000-square-foot downstairs entertainment level complete with bar, cigar bar, poker room, movie theater, a wall filled with big-screen TVs, a 3,000-gallon shark tank and a home gym.

Outside, there's a personal putting green and a manmade lake stocked with 2,500 largemouth bass. And, of course, every mansion needs animals. Geiger has 12 buffalo, 11 Watusi cattle, two donkeys, pet iguanas that live in his master mega-bathroom; a miniature horse and one cow on the 40-acre property.

Sorry, there's no more room to tell you about his bathrooms. You wouldn't believe it.

KC said...
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jackbrizzity said...

I wish Geiger was my NBA counterpart, but I'm stuck with Scott Pollard.

KC said...

I would day my NBA counterpart is Jahidi White

mburke7 said...

I want to see a race between Marc Jackson, Webber and Clarrett. My money is on Jackson.

Speaking of Temple bums, if that ball goes to Marc Jackson during the game, you ain't getting it back, he's shooting no matter what.

FIRE CHANEY!!!He is an embarrassment to his race.

Closk said...

Worst Moments in Sports Involving a Mustache

1) Bill Buckner lets the ball slip through his legs during game 6 of the 1986 World Series

2) Mike Ditka and Rafael Palmero are chosen as national spokesmen for erectile disfuction drugs

3) Jeff Gillooly and Shawn Eckerd club Nancy Kerrigan in the leg prior to the 1992 Winter Olympics

4) Richard Jewel is falsely accused of bombing the Olympic Village during the 1996 Summer Olympics

5) Wild Bill Hickok is shot and killed while holding aces over eights in a game of poker

6) Rollie Fingers retires

7) Cleveland Indians manager Lou Brown suffers a heart attack before the pennant

8) Von Kaiser is TKO'd by Little Mac

9) Randy Johnson kills a pigeon with a fastball during a preseason game

10) Colonel Mustard is killed in the billards room with the candlestick by Professor Plum