Friday, March 04, 2005


My recent ass prolbems that I have been having: sore ass, bloody TP, overall was suggested that I should start taking metamucil. You know those fiber pills that look like dirt from the school yard in little plastic capsules. Well you are told to take 6 of these horse pills at a time. So I have been taking these things for about 2 days and I hadn't seen any sort of significant change. I actually have been more constipated that usual, which was worrying me. The metamucil is supposed to soften your "stool" to make it easier on the way out. I felt like my shit was coming out in the form of the huge die that they give you with the cattegories game. You know it's hard and 26 sided.


KC said...

Well I pushed the wrong button and published my post to soon...back to the story. So I hadn't dropped some heat in a while so of course at 530am...AT WORK...I get the urge. It wasn't the nervous diahrea(sp?) urge, but something just wasn't right. I felt excited and scared at the same time. Like the first time making love? NO..more like the first time you bring someone "undesirable" back to your dorm room. You know this could work out to your advantage, but the repurcussions?
SO of course there is one toilet in the disgusting bathroom. I feel like grade school kids are hired to come in everyday to piss anywhere but the urinals. And someone is in the bathroom, but I can hear them brushing their teeth. (I sit dangerously close to the door) No way am I going to bust in there and take a metamucil dump with a co-worker brushing his teeth. So I wait...and wait...and suddenly these little air biscuits start popping out. Not stink at all actually...just little POOTS. Now I am starting to worry, and feel like I am stoned and everyone is looking at me while I POOT away. So the fresh breathed co-worker walks out of the bathroom...I grab the sports page... fold it so I dont look too obvious and make a move. I almost didn't get the paper cover down, but I made it.
WOW...maybe the smoothest poop I have ever taken. No strain. No pain. All vehicles were on cruise control on the hershey highway. I was shocked...I was waiting for a DUMB and DUMBER experience. It didn't take long because everything was in order, and I wasn't grimacing as I cleaned up. I suggest this stuff to EVERYONE. I's a good source of fiber in your diet, and workroom poops won't be so dreadful. My only dump looked like brown cottonballs. ????

GallagherRules said...

Well, well. Eventful day.
I actually find coffee to be metamucil-like. Thats just me.
I started to work in NJ at this new office. The office is set up like a big square. One of the corners has the bathroom for the guys. Right outside the door, there is a desk for this fat typist. The director of operations has her office right next to the door. There is then a total of 4 workers that have desks within 8-10 feet of the door. There is hardly any other workers. I don't understand why everyon is situated right near the mens room.
Anyway, the point is I have serious bathroom anxiety. If I wasn't in NJ. I'd pull a 'shitbreak' and go home to drop. But I can't. You know what I do? I DONT GO. Now, I'm all moody and emotional because the bathroom is right near everyone and has the air conditioning on in March and I have to the cleveland browns to the super bowl.

Murr said...

Hmmm, interesting theories all around. I'm over it. When you have to go you have to go, co-workers realise it. As long as the news of the pooping co-worker doesn't get to the ladies, you know?

John Spartan said...

How was the wiping situation after the mucil? Sublime I assume? Was it a gift from God or the legendary no-wiper?

KC said...

It wasn't the legendaey no wiper, but it wasn't bad at all. The no wiper is a gift from the gods for all to behold. I bet everytime that happens you get ass that night.