Friday, May 13, 2005

We are waiting on the other side

Bogus mariachi bands rob music-lovers
By MEXICO CITY (Reuters) - In the latest crime ruse to hit Mexico City, thieves are dressing up as mariachi musicians in embroidered suits with wide-brimmed somberros to rob unsuspecting music-lovers.
Mingling among the roughly 1,700 licensed mariachi who serenade people with raucous folk songs in a central city square are hundreds of "pirate" mariachi more adept at picking pockets than strumming guitars, city officials say.
In a city where organized crime gangs make an easy living from armed assault and kidnapping, police fear the bogus musicians could trick people into taking them home to play at family parties, where mariachi are a popular treat.
"Since the end of last year we have been seeing mariachi who are not mariachi," said Jose Luis Tamayo, the government official in charge of a crackdown to weed them out.
"They are pinching wallets. They are going up to cars and signaling to accomplices if there's a bag or cell phone in sight. What worries us more than anything is that people could be robbed in their homes," he told Reuters.
The cantina-lined Plaza Garibaldi, which fills with mariachi bands and tequila stalls after dusk, is a notoriously shady area in Mexico City's crime-ridden historic center.
The Garibaldi crackdown will involve checks to see which mariachi have permits and a push to make them display them.
"We have reports of muggings," said Tamayo, who estimates there could be 800 "pirate" mariachi. "The problem is if you see someone approach dressed as a mariachi you don't worry."
Mexicans cite crime as one of their biggest worries. High unemployment and corrupt police have made the capital of around 18 million people one of the world's most dangerous cities.
"They do us a lot of damage because we get put in the same category," said mariachi violinist Vicente Monjardin. "They are crooks. People who let them into their homes will be robbed."

They apparently have a picture of these "pirate mariachi" :
I didn't know that Mariachi PLURAL didn't include an S...glad I know that for future mariachi references. The mariachi permit is also something that I am looking into. This reminds me of the rumor that the gentelman who dresses up as William Penn and walks around Philadelphia is actually a master pickpocket. Can you imagine admiring this fool in a hot summer day while he trances around sweating like no other because of that ridiculous wig: . Who would suspect Willian Penn when they put their hands into their backpockets/ purses and realize that their souls have been taken. Who would suspect such an iconic figure? I can't imagine what kind of skeletons the Ben Franklin impersonator has in his closet: . He looks even more villianous than Willian Penn.
Celebrity impersonators are just eerie in general. What celebrity would you impersonate if you could impersonate anyone? I have a top 5:

1. Gary Busey : . All you would have to do is get coked out of your skull and run around brathing heavily on people saying, "I WANT TWO MEATBALL SANDWICHES UTAH...TWO!"

2. William Atherton :
My favorite movie villian of all time...dominates in GHOSTBUSTERS.

3. Little Hercules (Richard Sandrak) :
All you have to do is become freakishly ripped when you are like 6, and have a name of a 35 year old office manager. RICHARD SANDRAK!

4. Richard Grieco:
Just because my parents took me and my friends to see If Looks Could Kill for my birthday once...and he was on 21 Jump Street.

5. Ulysses S. Grant :
Without a doubt the best name out of all the to James Polk. This would be another great disguise for a pickpocket.



A real SHITTY dog story:

This is a lie...dogs dont have souls:

I'm out like Tiger Woods.
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DUDE where have you BEEN?!?!??!?!?!??!

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sweet posters, little hercules still freaks me out. If I saw him in a dark alley, I would first ask him for an autograph then run like hell

KC said...

I have been switching jobs...its been hectic...thanks for noticing though!

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