Friday, May 06, 2005

I'll be a rock and Rollin bitch for you!

This dude is going to rule the world some day:

Why is he going to rule the world? Because he goes to MIT and is holding the first ever recorded time travel convention:
Will there be ladies there? Of course there will. I can just tell that AMAL holds it down, and never dissapoints. He has a dominant website that contains some thought provoking questions:
Here are some of those wonderful questions:
Isn't time travel impossible ?
We can't know for certain. The ancient Greeks would have thought computers were impossible, and the Phoenicians certainly wouldn't have believed that humans would one day send a spacecraft to the moon and back. We cannot predict the future of science or technology, so we can only make an effort and see if any time travelers come to our convention.

Well this answer could be the answer to all questions really. Of course the Greeks didn't forsee the technology we have today. Did people in 1980 know that Bill Cosby's sweaters would one day be iconic? Of course they didn't. I love his reference to the Phonecians too.

Another mind blower:

I'm from the present, and I'd like to attend, but I can't
No worries! If time travel is invented in your lifetime, you can always come later. Even if it isn't, we'll have pictures and video up at this site within a week after the Convention

So anyone can attend this party at any given time. So when I am riding around on my hoverboard (Back to the Future 2 style) in 2023 I can hover to the local mall hop in the time machine and attend.

And the kicker:

Can't the time travelers just hear about it from the attendees, and travel back in time to attend?
Yes, they can! In fact, we think this will happen, and the small number of adventurous time travelers who do attend will go back to their "home times" and tell all their friends to come, causing the convention to become a Woodstock-like event that defines humanity forever.Unfortunately, we of the present (2005) don't have time travel, and so we only have one chance at observing the convention. If the time travelers don't leave us their secrets, we won't be able to go back in time and see our convention in all its glory unless it is publicized in advance.

This is the type of story that should be headlined on prime time news programs. Fuck the Runaway Bride and who gives a shit about Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes. This guy could be bullshitting us all as well, and if he is...he is a complete genius. If he isn't already famous to the world he is famous in my book. My book says that if you put your name in google images and an actual picture of yourself comes up than you are a J level celebrity.

Another entertaining line from the AP story:

To spread the word, Dorai asked friends to scribble invitations on pieces of acid-free paper and slip them into obscure library books. He is also giving media interviews and posting his thoughts on a Web site

Acid free paper is a bad idea because taking acid is actually a way to travel through time. I traveled back in time to hang out with John Wilkes Booth when I was on acid once. He wasn't a bad guy...the real reason he shot Lincoln: "I just didn't like his nose man...and I couldn't stand that deplorable HAT!" That is an actual quote from John Wilkes Booth.

Here is my boy WILKSEY:



Gene Wilder ripped off a concept and poster from one of his own movies!

note: Gene Wilder is a comic genius...i dont meant to disrespect him

Guess who's coming? A ridiculous Australian stereotype!

Word to you Grandmother


Vavoom said...

Sounds like a rousing good time at the time traveller party. I'm not so sure they'll be lots of hot lookin' types there, though. Great post.

KC said...

Thanks VAVOOM...there has to be a couple of hot chicks there...especially the ones from the future

madison's favorite son said...

i'd love to see the look on my face the first time i ejaculated. i'm for time travel.