Wednesday, May 25, 2005

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Tennis shoes and a Zorro mask

Masked Flasher Targeting Women May 24, 2005 6:00 pm US/EasternDOYLESTOWN, P.A. (KYW) He wears a mask like Zorro, but no clothes. CBS 3’s Lesley Van Arsdall reports, police are searching for a most unusual flasher targeting women in Doylestown.“Some odd things have happened around here but this is definitely a new one,” said Doylestown resident Liz Benke.Many people in Doylestown find it hard to believe that a man dressed only in a Zorro mask has been following women. Police say it has been happening for months, but went unreported until this weekend when there was several sightings of the suspect approaching women.“We had two women walking down the street and he pops up wearing nothing but a Zorro mask,” described Lieutenant Michael Cummings. One of the women approached was Christina Gambino's friend and coworker at Chico 's clothing store on main street.“Apparently he runs up to Amy and her friend, jumps in front and says, ‘Hello ladies!’ and runs into the dark,” said Gambino with a smile. Although it sounds comical, police are taking it seriously.If you are approached by the suspect, Lt. Cummings says, “Get away from him, make some noise, and make sure people know what's going on.”

They are claiming that this masked man is mentally ill. I say he is a mental GIANT. Whenever I hear about incidents like this I have to let out a nervous laugh. The concept of flashing is simply beyond me. The only satisfaction I could see someone getting from it is a good laugh while you are running away from your victim. My mother was flashed by a man when she was sitting on the swings on a Philadelphia playground as a child. She said the man walked up and opened his coat and exposed his naked "E.T. like" body. He then closed his coat up and scampered away like the squirrel that he was. Five years later they were engaged to be married.
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Why there are nursing homes:

Schwarzenegger "Suspects Stallone of Nazi Smear Campaign"
California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger suspects his former rival Sylvester Stallone of leading a secret 1980s campaign to give the Terminator star a reputation as a Nazi sympathizer, according to a new book. The two Hollywood action stars were bitter enemies in 1988, after Schwarzenegger enjoyed an affair with Stallone's ex-wife Brigitte Nielsen and accused the Rocky actor of hiring publicity agents to save his image. And in new book Fantastic: The Life Of Arnold Schwarzenegger, biographer Laurence Leamer claims Stallone sought vengeance by telling British journalist Wendy Leigh that Schwarzenegger's Austrian father helped round up Jews during the Holocaust and that Schwarzenegger was a "secret admirer of Hitler". Leigh claims Stallone paid her legal fees and covered her settlement to the Austrian actor, after he sued Leigh for libel when she published Stallone's alleged comments in a book. And although Stallone insists he did not contribute to Leigh's controversial tome, Leamer claims Schwarzenegger "reluctantly" confirmed he still believes Stallone worked to smear him as a fascist sympathizer, reports America's New York Daily News newspaper. The pair have since settled their differences and are firm friends again.

WOW...I am an ever bigger fan of Stallone now. There is nothing like accusing someone of being a nazi to defame their character. I have accused all of my rivals of being nazi's...even the jewish ones. Mad props to Ahnuld for getting back at him by sleeping with Brigitte Nielsen. Any Stallone rival could sleep with Brigitte Nielsen. All you have to do is bring a copy of this with you:!%20Or%20My%20Mom%20Will%20Shoot.jpg . Someone could do a thesis paper on the careers of the action heroes. Who has made the worst movies? Who's movie career fizzled the fastest? Who sounds the worst while they are delivering their lines?
Stallone Stinkers:
Stallone Classics:
Rocky 1,4

I am personally a Stallone guy, but many disagree. I have to get back to work, but I will certainly have a Ahnuld run down soon and the winner of best laughable action star of the late 70' s and 80's.

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You put Judge Dredd in the wrong Column.

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nighthawks also contains bill dee williams...who deserves a whole list to himself. actually he deserves a list for those Colt .45 commercials that looked like they were made immediately after the bar closed on a sat night. they just let the drunk women sit there while billy dee whipped it out and drank that colt.

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