Sunday, June 05, 2005

A geek with a cold heart

People and things or events who should be more popular and or famous:

MF Doom, Rapping Genius
Just look at this guy:
This guy sounds like he is rapping the answers to the Sunday New York Times crossword puzzle. He constantly wears that metal mask to follow through with his MF Doom persona. Buy his latest CD (MMM...Food?) and you will understand what all the fuss is about.

Bill Walton, Former NBA star and one of the most entertaining people to listen to while watching a basketball game. My buddies from New York first turned me on to Walton when the Knicks made it to the NBA Finals in 99. They used to talk about how he would completely shit on Larry Johnson with comments like, "Larry Johnson is a disgrace to the human race." You can also hear him proclaim that, "THIS IS THE GREATEST GAME I HAVE EVER SEEN" about 15 times during an NBA season. He is someone you love to hate...he never fails to make me chuckle. He wrote a recent article on about the latest Larry Brown controversy and it's an awesome read. He just goes off on the guy and his thesaurus:

But Larry Brown has shown his true colors, letting the disease of conceit create an untenable mess that I can't see a way out of for him. This is officially a disaster of epic proportions.

Brown's selfishness and his greedy addiction to his own personal agenda has left an indelible stain on everything and his egregious actions have completely overshadowed a potentially great series. Now, Brown is taking the low road by blaming the media and laying it on the messenger as if this is all somehow our fault.

But when I watch Larry Brown today in the huddles, at his press conferences, anything and everything, really all I see is fakery

This whole story is so bad, that Rasheed Wallace now looks like the rational one of the bunch.

See what I mean?

Sylvester Stallone's performance in COPLAND. The five people who read this know how I feel about Stallone. I don't think the guy is top tier actor by any means but he gives a great performance in a movie with an ensemble cast. He plays a washed up sheriff (Freddy Heflin) who heads a town of corrupt cops and worst of all he gets partnered up with Janeane Garofalo. His best friend, Ray Liotta, is so strung out on coke he kills his own wife. He saved the life of the only woman he loved when he was a teen, but she ended up marrying the town asshole. He lost most of his hearing from saving the girl he loved. There is a point in the film where Deniro rips him to pieces in front of Bubba and ends up calling him a "DEAF FUCK". Maybe Stallone's best role since Rocky 1. He put on like 60 pounds for the movie by eating wedding cake before he went to bed. He plays the role so well, and makes us forget about Judge Dredd for a couple of minutes. One of the best lines of the movie is when he is talking to the woman he loves, who is now married, about his own love life:

Liz Randone: Why is it that you never got married Freddy?
Freddy Heflin: All the best girls were taken.

BOOM! It isn't nearly as affective if you read it...go rent Copland.

Michael Ian Black:
Most of your recognize him from I LOVE THE 80's on VH1, but this comedian has been killing it since 1993 when MTV aired "THE STATE." One of the funniest shows of all time, which was of course cancelled and then they tried to put them on network TV and they lasted about one hour...literally. He is part of a comedy troupe who I believe did something called the "Stella Shorts", which I am sure are hilarious. The troupe did a hilarious movie titled WET HOT AMERICAN SUMMER that should be seen by anyone who likes laughing. I have a feeling this guy is going to blow up soon.


Gay Porn?:


Pirate Porn?



KC said...

Am i the only one who looks at this crap?

Anonymous said...

I love Pirate Porn

IronDavyCash said...

"You had your chance and you Blew It! ! ! !" Robert Deniro in Copland. Great Explosion

Suz said...

I think YOU are the only one who looks at that crap! Pirate porn....WIERD!