Wednesday, June 22, 2005

I want to see you in real life...So you can feel me like a steel knife

I recently read that Sharon Stone and Madonna were competing for the role of Ginger in Casino. Could Madonna have done this role any better? Stone nailed that part, and she even garnered a deserved Oscar nomination. It's hard to say if Madonna would have been as affective as Stone was. Not that she was drug crazed at one point in her life, but she truly captured a wild lifestyle that was presented to the world. Madonna was the poster slut of the 80's before she became British. (Go to to see Madonna bitch out some journalists because the room in which they were interviewing her in was TOO HOT...its horrible) If she was cast as Ginger it would have been distracting. Not that Madonna was a hooker/heroin addict at one point, but she didn't stray to far from that image. She could have pulled it off, but we would have felt like we were looking at a Rolling Stone cover shoot from '86. Nonetheless the movie has one of the greatest white pimp names in film history: LESTER DIAMOND. James Woods plays Diamond and he too dominates the role. Not that I expected the great cast from this movie to do a horrible job, but as a whole everyone really never let up. Scorcesse brings out the best in everyone, and do you even question why?
Although I think that Gangs of New York was a disaster. Dicaprio traveled in and out of his accent and I just didn't like Daniel Day Lewis as Bill the Butcher. The character was entertaining, but he was over the top. He seemed like a villian from a movie that was more fantastical. I could have seen him as a villian from an Indiana Jones film or even a James Bond villian. Maybe that's what Scorcesse was going for, but the supporting cast couldn't keep up with him. Did you know that Scorcesse directed the Michael Jackson video for BAD? YOU AIN"T BAD YOU AIN'T NOTHIN!


KC said...

Cue the Crickets

ERL said...

leo Dicaprio is one of the worst actors of our generation. i cannot understand why anyone would want to see him in a film, nevertheless hire him and pay him millions of dollars.