Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Out of the blue and into the black

More proof that Cruise is a complete joke:

Cruise Tripped Up by Magazine Over Scientology Claims
Tom Cruise's beliefs in Scientology are based on misinformation, according to US showbiz magazine Entertainment Weekly - after editors checked facts from a recent interview with the movie star. Just weeks after accusing Brooke Shields of being "misinformed" after she championed anti-depressants for helping her deal with post-partum depression, Cruise made a couple of sweeping statements to Entertainment Weekly reporter Benjamin Svetkey. The writer chose to check Cruise's comments and found out he wasn't accurate. Supporting Scientology claims that psychiatry is "a Nazi science", Cruise stated, "Jung (Carl Jung, the father of modern psychiatry) was an editor for the Nazi papers during World War Two," which the magazine's researchers discovered is untrue, according to the New York Center For Jungian Studies. The movie star continued, "Look at the experimentation the Nazis did with electric shock and drugging. Look at the drug methadone. That was originally called Adolophine. It was named after Adolf Hitler." The magazine also questions Cruise on this point, explaining, "According to the Dictionary Of Drugs And Medications... this is an urban legend." (FROM IMDB.COM)

Fantastic Four might be the worst movie of the summer. Comic book movies are hot right now, and some of them have been done in the right way, but this isn't going to cut it. I thought X-Men was going to to horrible after seeing the previews, but it turned out to be a good film. X-Men 2 was even better because we were done with the usual introduction of the characters. That's what Fantastic Four is going to be. The origin of the characters and them getting adjusted to their new personas. That isn't enough for this movie to be successful. The Fantastic Four aren't nearly as popular as the X-Men are these days, and the characters are just corny. Who would you rather have on your side? Wolverine fucking shit up with his claws or some dude who can stretch his arms really long to reach high stuff in the cupboard? I picked the stretchy guy too.

I will be dressed up like this when I go see this movie :http://www.anniescostumes.com/dis5248.jpg
This guy is pretty sweet too:http://www.anniescostumes.com/5787.jpg

There was a live action Fantastic Four film made in 1994 that was sooo bad that it never left the shelf. The Comic Book guy from the Simpson is probably the only person who owns a copy but I found some pictures of this horrible mess: (Scroll down to the bottom)

Hyrbid Moments by the Misfits is a sick song


Who the Hawks will most likely draft this year:

This is a Boogie Nights (one of my faves) poster from another planet I think:


KC said...

No one likes comic books...

GallagherRules said...

First, when did actors start teaching us about life? Especially ones that have been actors since they were kids and got their education in a trailer. This goes up there with Arnold and Jesse actually get enough votes because Predator was awesome. It was really awesome, though.

Second, if you haven't yet, check out Saving Silverman. Its a front for the movie directors true passion for Neil Diamond.

Finally, Fantastic Four is gonna be awesome. Not Predator awesome. More like the, "Hey, that movie was entertaining, but I wouldn't buy it" awesome.

P.S. Sham-A-Lam-A-Ding-Dong, brotha.

ERL said...

god why is tom cruise SUCH A DOUCHE BAG!!

Anonymous Midwest Girl said...

LOL Totally random thoughts all in one post. I LOVE IT. :)