Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Take COVER...HIT the dirt

Awesome Headline:

Italian court says gay man can drive Reuters - Mon Jun 6,12:42 PM ET
ROME (Reuters) - A Sicilian court condemned road authorities on Monday for suspending the driving license of a man after finding out he was gay.

How did they find out he was gay just by watching him drive? His left turn signal was out so when he put his hand out the window to indicate where he was going the cops instantly noticed how limp his wrist was, prompting them to pull him over.

While driving around in my sick 93 Mercury Sable (white with velvet maroon interior http://www.777autosales.com/carpictures/small360.jpg ) something hit me while I was listening to my IPod. There is a direct connection between some hilarious shows on the Cartoon Network and Hip-Hop. Many rap artists use samples from other songs, movies, video games, TV shows etc. This trait has always been a part of hip hop, and personally I think it is what makes it so interesting. I am not talking about P Diddy taking a whole Phil Collins song, and trying to rap over it. I am talking about a song like Wu-Tang's Tearz (From their first album, 36 chambers) that uses a sample from great motown song. They use the drums and the chorus to make a definitive song on one of the most groundbreaking albums of the modern music era. Why is it so groundbreaking? Because it's heavy metal hip hop. They were so raw and and appealed to everyone. Never has a rap group been so cinematic. They were reading the script of a movie about Staten Island that was never made. White kids in Ohio were tuning in and were feeling every word they spit. If you have this album and haven't listened to it in a while put it back in your stereo and remember the early 90's. ANYWAY
Shows on the Cartoon Network like Space Ghost, The Brak Show, Harvey Birdman, and Sea Lab 2021 are derived from old cartoons from the 60's and 70's. The animation is flat and the character design is so outdated that they have even more appeal in a world where we love "old school." If you have ever seen these programs you will notice that all the producers have done is dub new dialogue and music over these olds shows creating a pleasant mix. The same concept is used with hip-hop. Good artists will use loops from old songs to create a new sounds. They also take clips from shows and movies to tell stories or create effects in their songs. It's the same process in a different medium. Taking the old and sprucing it up with something fresh and stylish is a potent mix. Look how BIG hip hop is. It's bigger than the British invasion that our parents lived through. Rap has influenced everything from those racist McDonald's commercials to Martha Stewart, and if you don't feel me just watch your TV for about 4 minutes.



This couldn't be more 90's...this poster reminds me of JAMS...you know the shorts


Even Hackman is disgusted by this...just look at his face:


I used to love this one:



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