Tuesday, August 02, 2005

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Simpson Kicked Out of Convention
Former American football star OJ Simpson was kicked out of an Illinois convention on Saturday, after showing up unannounced and selling his autographs to fans. Simpson made the unexpected appearance at Rosemont's 26th annual National Sports Collectors Convention, and while excited fans crowded him, disgruntled organizers soon asked him to leave. But before his departure, Simpson signed 115 autographs - at $100 and $125 apiece - during his 75 minutes at the event, as well as posing for several photographs. He later signed hundreds of autographs at a nearby hotel. Dealers at the event are not allowed to have unscheduled autograph appearances. Convention director Bob Dyer says of Simpson, "The demand for his autograph was obvious based on the crowd around him, but you can't go about doing it that way. The exhibitor didn't abide by the contract." (From IMDB.com)

What a complete joke. Is this what he has resorted too? Sneaking in the back doors of autograph shows uninvited and selling his John Hancock. They failed to show the picture that he was autographing. While many were hoping it was a pic of him running through the line at USC or scoring TD's for the Bills. It was actually this : http://www.sas.upenn.edu/~sample/whodunit/oj_time.jpg
(note how much blacker they made him look on this cover...everyone is a muckraker...even TIME)
I still can't figure out what is more striking here. The fact that he had the audacity to do such a thing OR the fact that people paid good money for an autograph of someone who "might" have killed some people.


Romanticizing war?

A poster with this image couldn't be released toady:

Doesn't fit the movie...little toooooo sexual for the subject matter:

Graduate rip off:


KC said...

wow....its silent

jackbrizzity said...

Cricket . . . cricket . . . I would have payed $300 for a picture with the juice. Remember, you can't squeeze him.

KC said...

There is no squeezing famous people in cali

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