Sunday, July 31, 2005

All your dreams are over now...all your wings have fallen down

Anthropology is the ANSWER!

Cultural tings dat get me motor running:

"I know your heart can't grieve
What you eyes won't see
But you were my favorite moment
of this dead century"

Those are lyrics from TV on the Radio's DREAMS off the Desperate Youth and Bloodthirsty Babes album. .

I drove my Sable off the Ben Franklin Bridge and went crashing into the water when these words hit my spine. As my new submarine floated past bloated mafioso with cinderblocks for sneakers the music grew louder. Lead singer, Tunde Adebimpe, has a voice that idiots like to compate to Peter Gabriel, but he surpasses the Sledgehammer singer on all levels. I first heard this album at a music store just after it was released and bought it after hearing about a third of the first song. When I brought it home I didn't even play it because I had to wait for the right time, and that time was about 330 AM when I am driving into the city work. As soon as I pushed the sideways triangle I saw something. I saw a horizontal bolt of lighting simmering through downtown Philly crackling and sizzling as it turned corners around office buildings. The sleeping city was never more awake. The sound that was seeping out of this lighting bolt was TV on the Radio. One of the biggest cities in America was surviving simply by the hum of the street lights until I opened my windows. Adebimpe's lonely voice sits in the pit of your stomach as you try to figure out how this new sound came about. Did these cats find a time machine and steal their beats from the future? They must have traveled to a "Blade Runner" type future and found this sound. This mechanically beautiful sound that is peppered with every style of music one could imagine. There is absolutely no one to compare them too...honestly. Maybe some experimentalists, but they are merely picking sounds out of a hat and hoping the pieces will make your lobes wiggle. TV on the Radio takes those pieces and builds a spaceship like Ethan Hawke and River Phoenix did in the Explorers. .

Everyone gets sucked into Cribs when it is seemingly on a contious loop on MTV. David Banner, who is a Mississippi rapper, is in one of the latest editions. I am not a huge fan of his music, but I am just a huge fan of his personality. This dude never wipes that huge smile off his face and seems to be truly thankful for what he has. A couple of words from his BIO:

Who would have guessed that a troubled yet energetic kid from Jackson, Mississippi would single-handedly carry a depressed state known as the epitome of Southern racism and poverty into a respected source of hip hop music?

On his Cribs episode he shows us all the shiny shit that is draped throughout his mansion. Then we go out back to his man made lake. If I was loaded I would without a doubt build a lake at my place. ANYWAY...he then throws some pellets into the water and about 50 catfish come out of the water to eat and greet Mr. Banner. He then says in his southern drawl, "See this right here...this is God man." Those word hit me. It's not even about religion. It's about the appreciation of life. This dude is on his way to superstardom in the rap community, but once he sees those catfish lurking above the water his world stops and he just breathes. You have to appreciate that.

Oh and another thing. I am uttetrly disgusted by pigeons, AND I have never seen a baby pigeon. Maybe they just grow out of the sidewalk like weeds.



j-one said...

i have never seen a baby pigeon either. this sudden revelation has sent me into a tailspin of confusion. how is this possible? also, pigeon poop is the grossest thing found in nature. i know because one shit on my arm the other day.

ERL said...

woah that was trippy. pigeons are evil. and really f'ing dirty.

KC said...

Maybe the most evil and dirty animals around. Getting pooped on by a bird is good luck. Actually that's just a way to make people feel better for getting shit on.

madison's favorite son said...

this was a good event-

ERL said...

it is not good luck.

KC said...

Thanks for that coworkers have me in the basement spinning a damn wheel now