Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Another soul lost at sea while taking a cruise

While reveling in a John Basedow infomercial one can come across unbelievable products that are advertised in the middle of the night. Some of them have boring names like the magic wallet http://www.magicalwallet.com/default.asp?sp=gg and others just display their marketing genius with names like THE WALLET OWL! http://www.walletowl.com/ Maybe the best cheap commercial product name since the Rascal...you all know what the Rascal is. It's similar to the bathroom monkey http://www.milkandcookies.com/links/3262/.
Just adding an animal to your product name is a recipe for success. Why do people love polo shirts with tigers, gators and horses on them? It's all about the animals. They should start making polo's with dirty city pigeons on them and they would be sprinting off the shelves. This dude would buy one :http://www.sempai.org/~felicia/wedding/pics/honey/215-cluster-of-pigeons-2.jpg
(note: I don't know that guy but good God in heaven I would like to meet him.)
Another strange and hilarious pigeon picture: http://i1.trekearth.com/photos/14079/pigeons.jpg

ANYWAY...animals sell. Why do you think Tony the Tiger has been around for so long? They never age and wrinkles don't show under fur. Who is the next animal icon? The Geico Gecko? Chester Cheetah? (I heard he has a coke problem) Tucan Sam is getting old and he needs to pass the torch to someone else. How about ELI the SLOTH? ARMEN the ARMENIAN ARMADILLO? ARTHUR the AYE AYE? In case you were wondering what and Aye Aye is:
Always trust animals....always.



madison's favorite son said...


KC said...

I need shirt with that sloth on it

ERL said...

i love the geico gecko

Heather said...

Im sorry.. Im sure PETA will be knocking down my door by the end of the day.. but I hate animals.

madison's favorite son said...

long time no posts. i like your shit. it is well though out and funny.

ERL said...

um post? thanks.