Tuesday, December 06, 2005

All my lovely life I've been waitin'...hot heels anticipatin'

Yes the Eagles got blown to bits last night by a Seattle team that has been soaring of late. Yes Mike McMahon is oddly reminiscent of a male cheerleader when he is scampering around the field. Yes the the fans are practicing their boos when they take a shower in the morning instead of their singing skills, but did anyone see the unintentional product placement in the game last night? This product placement began when the Eagles put in a high school junior at quarterback, Koy Detmer. http://philadelphia.comcastsportsnet.com/images/content/eagles/koy.jpg
Koy has the symmetry of a basketball on top of a fridge when he walks out on the field. Does this guy need pop warner size shoulder pads? Not to mention his arms are about as thick as his fingers, and his first pass of the game last night hit the helmet of his own player causing an interception.
So as the game went on the unintentional product placement continued and it all became so clear that Koy Detmer was the model for the IRONMAN triathlon/watch symbol. Many of you might have owned one of the IRONMAN watches by Timex and we all know of the IRONMAN triathlon. Here are some examples: http://www.ironmanstore.com/irshskcap.html
http://www.ironmanstore.com/20trtee.html Note the M in the IRONMAN symbol? It looks like Koy Detmer when he has his pads on. He should be the official sponsor for IRONMAN instead of a third string QB. He would have to wear full pads if he were to do this, and could make some nice scratch after he retires as IRONMAN's mascot. Imagine Koy you could buy all the pairs of Wranglers you want if you took that job.

I haven't resorted back to my old movie poster fun, but I decided to bring out a classic.

WOW...doesn't this seem a little racist?



Umugore said...

SHUT UP!!!! That is not a real movie, is it??????? Seriously. Tell me that it's not.

KC said...

It's tangible

jackbrizzity said...

The Boo Birds are back, baby! BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!! I was at the game last night and I saw visions of Rich Cotite . . . Randy Rhodes . . . Doug Peterson . . . and yes, even Mike Mamula. It is a sad day in the ill city. I love you all.

Anonymous said...

sha brah
i did not know denzel and barak obama (sp? - like i can spell Tribal) were related
tejas tim

FD said...

oh my... it's saying "my life totally sucks and the only thing to make it worse is now I have an adult black son." Real nice. At least they aren't wearing lycra. lol.