Wednesday, November 16, 2005

I am just a dreamer but you are just a dream

"You won't see it comin' down my eye...So I gotta make the song cry"

You are like a hurricane
There's calm in your eye.
And I'm gettin' blown away
To somewhere safer
where the feeling stays.
I want to love you but
I'm getting blown away.

-Like a Hurricane by Neil Young

These are the type of lyrics that can knock you down if you aren't holding yourself up. Neil Young's beatifully haunting voice accentuates the feelings in these words when they rattle through your ear canal. Young has never been afraid to show us his vulnerability, and this song is a perfect example. All you need to hear or read is this chorus and Young's self doubt rings true. Men can be extrememly self conscious but never want to express or admit it. Of course you have groups like the Cure and Joy Division that had boys with eyeliner crying on each others shoulders, but Neil Young is more like the sad drifter. He isn't the jaded kid from the suburbs who made it as a rock star. He's a lonely cowboy who lets his songs do all the crying.
This woman he speaks of in this song is way out of his realm. He doesn't feel that he is up to par with this lady causing him to speak to her in such a tragically romantic way. He want's to love her, but she is just too much. Maybe he feels she is out of his league and that he would have trouble trusting her. Maybe she exudes confidence that he could never connect with. She has everything and he feels he has about half of what she gracefully carries.
We have all seen this woman from across the bar. Rapidly moving our eyes up to the television when she glances in our direction. Simply window shopping knowing that we can't afford the goods behind the glass.


jackbrizzity said...

Thats just like the time I went to hollywood to knock on marilyn monroe's door to see if she would go out with me. Brandon was there, and he never let me do any of the talking. I love my Calander Girl.

KC said...

Brandon is always getting in the way of me and my women

Umugore said...

maybe neil young really meant that he was in fact in the middle of a hurricane and he was having feelings for the hurricane and felt weird about it (rightly) and therefore when he was blown away he was glad. maybe.

okay sorry i'm really hung over right now and running on like 4 hrs sleep.

but it's still possible.

no, no it's really not...

KC said...

If freaks can have a sexual attraction towards stuffed animals I am sure one can get hot from a hurricane said...

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Umugore said...

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